1969/07/09: Buzz Aldrin arriva al lavoro. Ha in mano le chiavi della sua Corvette (foto 69-H-1090)

Buzz Aldrin arrives for work, holding the keys to his Corvette. Photo filed 10 July 1969. Scan by Frederick Artner.

Source: Apollo 11 Image Library.

Note: Getty Images states that this photograph was taken on July 8 or 9, 1969: "Caption: ORLANDO FL - JULY 9: Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin arrives at the flight crew training building of the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, one week before the nation's first lunar landing mission, at the Kennedy Space Center on July 8, 1969 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/GettyImages)". Nasa History Office states it was taken on July 9.